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Q: What is permanent jewelry?

A: The chain is welded together or linked right onto your body, with no clasp or tie for easy removal. You’re meant to keep this item — usually a bracelet, anklet, or necklace — on 24/7 and never take it off.

Q: Where to make an appointment?

A: All pop-up events are walk ins, no appointment needed. For private pop-ups, make an appointment *here*

Q: What are the chains made of?

A: 14k gold or sterling silver

Q: What’s the process like?

A: 1. You will pick out the chain(s) you want from our current collection. 

Q: How much do they cost?


  • rings $50

  • bracelets $95-$135

  • anklets $130-$165

  • necklaces $170-$225

Q: How permanent is "permanent jewelery" ?

A: first replacement is free, second replacement is $20

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